Site finished Hardwood flooring installation


Solid Site finished Hardwood flooring is the standard by which all others are judged.  With a wide array of wood species available including  popular domestic woods like Red and White oak, Maple, Hickory and Walnut as well as some eye catching exotic species like Ipe, Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood or Peruvian Walnut just to name a few.   With board widths ranging from 2 1/4 in to 11 in plank available and the ability to custom stain onsite to match your taste the options these days are limitless.

 Every home lends itself to a particular selection of hardwood.  That’s why we offer a free in-home estimate to help you make the best possible selection for your home.  Having completed thousands of site finished hardwood floor installations over the past 15 years, we’ve developed an eye for what will look good in any environment and the expertise to install, sand and beautifully finish your floor without a hitch.


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MakingYour Choice Easier

  • Prefinished or Site-Finished?
    • Site-finished floors can be stained to your choice of color.
    • Custom Features can easily be added to site-finished floors. Borders, wraps, feature strips, and inlays can give your hardwood floors a unique look [feel, flare].
    • Site-finished hardwood floors are completely smooth, unlike prefinished hardwood floors, which contain a micro bevel on each plank. These rounded edges can often trap dirt and dust, making your floors more difficult to clean.
    • However, prefinished floor installations can be completed in about ½ the amount of time, usually only 1-2 days for completion.
  • Which wood species?

    The options are limitless with site-finished hardwood floors.  Choose from among domestic woods like red and white oak, maple and hickory, as well as some exotic species like Ipe, Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, or Peruvian Walnut. A clear maple hardwood tends to look good in ____, while a rustic reclaimed pine would be an excellent choice for that “cabin in the woods” feel.

  • What type of finish?
    • Water based finishes are becoming increasingly popular because they contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are non-flammable.  However, water-based finishes often require more coats to achieve the same film thickness, and can be difficult to apply over oil-based stains.
    • Polyurethane works well over stains and is easy to apply.  However, it contains more volatile compounds than a water-based finish.
    • A Swedish finish is considered the most beautiful and durable finish of all, with excellent transparency and elasticity.  However, it is a combustible finish and can only be applied by professionals.
  • Solid or Engineered Installation?
    • Nothing adds beauty and character to your home like a natural hardwood floor.
    • Solid hardwood floors can be refinished up to seven times.
    • Engineered hardwood floors are an excellent choice for floors “below grade,” that is, below ground level.  Engineered hardwood floors have the ability to flex slightly, making them a good choice where humidity levels are constantly changing.