Hardwood Floor Refinishing


We know that Seattle hardwood floors can take a lot of abuse.  Many of us own pets, have very active children, play sports, and love being outdoors. We live in an active community, but also a wet geographical area.  All these factors conspire against the integrity of your hardwood floors.
Hardwood floors, over time, can begin to show their age.  Stains from pets, water damage, or wear and tear in high traffic areas of your home can all change the visual and functional appeal that your hardwood floors once had.
To compound the problem, low cost hardwood floor companies can leave your floors with imperfections due to the installation process and expose them to early damage.  Even worse, poor advice might lead you to cover up your worn hardwood floors with carpet.
Moore Floors can breathe life back into your hardwood floors with hardwood floor refinishing. Seattle area homeowners can have their hardwood floors look and feel like new again, with a corresponding increase to the value of their home that will typically cover their cost.  Our experience, coupled with our lifetime warrantee, ensure that your floors will be good to go for years to come.

From start to beautiful finish we can restore even the most worn and abused Hardwood floor turning it into the showpiece of you home.  Contact us for your free estimate to refinish your Hardwood floor today!


WhyChoose Us?

  • Decades of Experience

    Early on in the hardwood floor refinishing business, I realized that many of our competitors weren’t doing things right for the Seattle area.  They cut corners, used cheap or inferior finishing products to increase their bottom line and were less than honest with their clients about it.  I started this business in 2001 with the goal of building and creating beautiful,  durable floors that the average homeowner could afford and enjoy.  Over the years we have continued to develop and refine our craft for hardwood floor refinishing in Seattle.  We don’t hire out to cheap subcontractors, but use our own professional in-house crew.  This allows us to stay true to the goal I set so many years ago.  A true commitment to our clients to consistently provide the most beautiful eye catching floors with the highest quality products and workmanship at an affordable price.

  • Professional Equipment

    Hardwood floor refinishing sands off 1/32 of an inch off your hardwood floor, eliminating almost all stains, dents, and damage.  We use top of line sanding equipment and proper dust control.  The process is streamlined and there is little to no dusting required after completion.  Leaving you more time to enjoy your beautifully finished floors

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Our Top priority at Moore Floors, Inc is, and has always been our clients and your complete satisfaction. To show that we take your satisfaction seriously and that we appreciate your business we offer the industry’s leading written warranty on all of our products and services. We guarantee all our workmanship and products to meet or exceed the industry standards of national wood flooring association for the life of your floor.  If there is ever a problem or defect in your hardwood floors or the service’s we have provided, we will remedy the issue quickly and at no cost to you. That’s our promise and ongoing commitment to you, our clients.

  • Dust Free

    Our equipment removes the vast majority of the dust created during the sanding process.  In most cases the house is actually less dusty after the process because we have to have a dust free environment to apply the perfect finish coat.  Making it easier on those who have allergies or sensitivities, and making your home more functional while we do our work.

  • Many Finishes to Choose From

    We’ll help you make a choice of hardwood floor finish that’s best for your home.  Swedish finish is the standard that all other finishes are measured by.  Water-based finishes are preferable due to their environmental friendliness while a Polyurethane or oil based finish is the most cost effective.

  • Minimal Downtime

    As one of the most experienced hardwood floor refinishing companies in Seattle, we’re also the most efficient.  We aren’t working out the kinks.  We have been refining and perfecting our processes for almost 18 years.  We specialize in wood floor installation and refinishing, its what we do 7 days a week days.  We aren’t part time wood guys.  Most home refinishing projects can be completed in only 3-4 days.

  • Almost Any Floor Can Be Refinished

    All types of hardwood floors can be refinished, from plank oak, exotic hardwood, turn of the century fir, even top nailed hardwood floors.  Whatever the type, we can make your hardwood floor look new again!