Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation

Engineered Hardwood – The Sweet Spot Between Price and Quality

An excellent solution for many homeowners is engineered hardwood flooring.  Seattle residents will find engineered hardwood flooring to be an ideal option for various settings: Engineered hardwood can be more effective in homes where humidity levels are constantly changing; it is the hardwood flooring material of choice in Seattle area basements, where moisture tends to linger. Not to mention that engineered hardwood is an incredible value!

Engineered Hardwood, for many, will be the sweet spot between price and quality.  Hardwood planks classified as “engineered” feature multiple layers bonded together under extreme heat and pressure.

Engineered Hardwood is often confused with laminate, but they are not the same!  The main difference is that engineered hardwood contains a top-layer of real wood, while laminate is made entirely of synthetic material with an image of wood on the top.

Moore Floors works extensively with engineered hardwood flooring, and has advised many Seattle area homeowners to install engineered hardwood floors.

Why ChooseEngineered Hardwood

  • Price vs. Quality

    Engineered Hardwood gets you the look and feel of solid hardwood floors, at a substantially lower cost.

  • In Basements

    Engineered Hardwood is the preferred flooring choice for “below grade” installations, meaning a part of the house that resides below ground level, such as a basement.  Because of the way engineered hardwood is processed, it is not as affected by humidity as solid wood planks are. 

  • Over Concrete

    Engineered Hardwood is the preferred choice to be installed directly over concrete, because it is not as affected by humidity levels as solid hardwood.

  • On any floor of your home

    Engineered hardwood floors are suitable for installation on all levels of the home and over plywood, wood, OSB and concrete subfloors. They are also perfect for installing over in-floor heating systems.

  • Ease of installation

    Engineered wood planks are now being created with a “click lock” tongue and groove installation method, enabling them to be installed in a floating format without nails or glue.

  • Top Quality Work from A Family Owned Business

    Moore Floors are engineered hardwood installation experts.  We are a family owned business that truly cares about quality and customer satisfaction.  Don’t get lost in the shuffle with a big company that hires out to the cheapest subcontractos.  Choose Moore Floors to expertly install your Engineered Hardwood floor.